International Scientific Journal of Technical Sciences
Vol. 3, Issue 2 June 2017
ISSN 2490-2330
e-ISSN 2490-2438
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♦ Ajla Gegić (Professional paper) – Non-urban scene analysis: reactivating the bobsleigh track on Trebević mountain

♦ Lejla Kargić (Professional paper)  – The analysis of Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute by means of a critical analysis grid

♦ Faruk Muharemović (Professional paper) Architectural concepts of contemporary skyscrapers

♦ Stefan Đurđević, Dragoljub Novaković, Željko Zeljković, Aldin Obućina (Original scientific paper)Using QR codes as the target for augmented reality applications

♦ Aldin Obućina, Marija Garić, Stefan Đurđević, Jasmir Smailbegović (Professional paper) High quality printing – Hi-Fi printing

Nenad Č. Bojat, Snežana Komatina (Professional paper) Urban biodiversity and the city – 1. environmental degradation in the City of Pančevo (Serbia)

♦ Nenad Č. Bojat, Snežana Komatina (Professional paper) Urban biodiversity and the city – 2. the importance of conserving urban biodiversity in the City of Pančevo (Serbia)

♦ Miomir Komatina, Snežana Komatina, Nenad Č. Bojat (Professional paper) Hydrogeological features of the west Serbian Dinaric Karst

♦ Muharem Kozić, Maid Omerović, Aljo Delić (Professional paper) The concept of local governance in BiH information system development

♦ Zineta Ćemerlić, Himzo Popović (Professional paper) Using modified HAZOP Methodology for environmental risk assesment in industrial plants

♦ Hrustem Smailhodžić, Samir Pačavar, Marija Garić (Professional paper) Application of nanotechnology in improving the properties of textile fibres

♦ Hrustem Smailhodžić, Almir Bećirović, Aljo Delić, Maid Omerović (Professional paper) Natural sciences creation role