International Scientific Journal of Technical Sciences
Vol. 1, Issue 1. April 2016.
ISSN 2490-2330
e-ISSN 2490-2438
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Hrustem Smailhodžić, Maid Omerović, Aljo Delić (Professional paper) – Electric field of the Earth one of the factors of the microclimate

Predrag Živković, Aldin Obućina, Marija Garić (Professional paper)  – The standardization of offset and flexographic printing process according to ISO standards

Jana Žiljak Vujić, Ivana Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivan Pogarčić (Professional paper) – Measurable characteristics of information protected by the Infraredesign®

Jasmina Fortić, Alisa Čaber (Professional paper) – The semiotic analysis of advertising poster

Joško Lozić, Marin Milković, Ante Rnčević, Ines Lozić (Professional paper) – The Croatian market of printed magazines and periodicals: the decrease trends of publishing in the wake of the global decrease of printed publications

Anes Mirojević, Aleksandar Jokić, Mladen Peranović, Olja Božanović  (Professional paper) – Cyber surveillance in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of cyber security professionals in B&H

Nihad Karajko, Osman Ćehajić (Professional paper) – Application for study tests, the driving test in Java technology

Predrag Maksić (Professional paper) –  Memory space: Memorial complex Staro sajmiste

Enes Mujić, Hrustem Smailhodžić, Snežana Komatina (Professional paper) – Role of vermiculite in energy efficiency related to civil engineering

Predrag Presečki, Želimir Bodiroga (Professional paper) – The most significant post-tensioning projects of 2014. in Croatia

Nermina Mujezinovic, Irma Mahmuljin (Professional paper) – Determination of living organisms on stone walls of the architectural heritage buildings in southern Herzegovina (Stolac, Počitelj, Hutovo)

Dalibor Misirača, Mirela Abidović, Goran Filipović (Professional paper) – Health insurance fund of the Republic of Serbian

Eva Topić, Alisa Čaber, Marija Garić (Professional paper) – Underwater photography

Lejla Spaho, Salim Ibrahimefendić (Professional paper) – Application of polyester in wastewater trought the concept of best available technology