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Instructions to the authors of papers


Aim and purpose of the journal

Techno Science – is an International scientific journal in the field of technology. It is issued twice a year.

The Abstract

Each paper is evaluated in relation that it corresponds to the intention of the journal, and then it gets reviewed. The authors are responsible for the content and the ethics of everything that is in the Paper The authors can be requested to give a specific statement that the work has not been published in another publication. Techno Science doesen’t prejudice the copyright of the authors of published papers, but prereserves the right of distribution in accordance with the legal provisions, and without further consultation with the authors, with which the authors sgree when submitting the paper. Authors are not entitled to re-release / reprint, except one copy of the printed journal.

Preparation of attachments

It is recommended that the authors keep the structure of the journal that includes: the Abstract, the Introduction, the Problem and the Aim, the Methods, the Results, the Discussion, the Conslusion and the Literature. This recommendation does not bind the authors but helps on the way to ease the understanding of the material and the publicaton. The attachements are not limited in size, but should not exceed 7 pages in the journal. The text font is Times New Roman 11 pt, line spacing is 1,15 created in 2 columns. Expected size is 12 000 characters without tables and images (exceptionally it can be 14 000 characters). All tables should be standardized (eg, MS Excel), images, photographs and other illustrations should be in vector format or resolution that provides quality printing (600 dpi). The journal has the right to edit the illustration pre printing, of which they consult or inform the author via e-mail.

Lists of references 

Lists of references, as well as other forms of text formatting, will be accepted if they are made by the APA standard (American Psychological Association), translated into English with an indication of the original language in brackets. The attachment is sent exclusively in electronic form (e-mail, CD, disc etc.).

Delivery addresses for the attachments

Techno Science – Association for Research, Education and Development, Aleja konzula No. 5, 72270 Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina; E-mail:

Attachments language

Techno Science publishes the papers in English with abstracts in Bosnian. In case that the attachment is sent in its original form on another international language, the author of the attachment will be consulted.


Attachments that do not fulfill the conditions or if they need further consultation will be returned to the author with the warning about the actions that need to be undertaken.

Publication of the journal

The journal is published in printed and electronic form. The electronic version is available on the web addresses: